This is us season 4 episode 15

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This Is Us Season 4 Episode 15 Review: Clouds

Is it some magical byproduct of her tryst with Kevin? Anyone else need a hug? Kate is bumming because her first boyfriend just broke up with her. Randall is obsessing about an A-minus.

She reluctantly does, then allows him to tag along on her errands, but all he does is complain. There, he spends his newly acquired dough on the remnants of a box of cards, in search of a specific card that will complete his collection: John Candelaria of the Toronto Blue Jays.

He and Rebecca tear through a bunch of packs and finally find the card in question, then celebrate. They do some laps around the oval. Side note: She has been around when the three of them spend more than five minutes together, yes? Beth is proud. He dad-jokes. She happily thanks him. And at the end of the episode, we see a montage of Jack growing up in the studio, which eventually is where he gets his songwriting start. One query to Siri is all it takes to find the location now, so Mama Pearson and her son make their way out there.

Afterward, Rebecca asks Kevin not to treat her any diffrently. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments! Click here to subscribe. Post to Cancel.For Kate, this season has involved exploring her romantic past amid a tumultuous romantic present. The episode opens on Jack and Rebecca reviewing report cards, in the pre-teen Big Three era.

Jack tries to make her feel better but she runs to her room. She listens to sad music and thinks angsty thoughts. To cheer her up, Rebecca lets her pick dinner. He compares boyfriends to waffles, saying the first few are never great but eventually you get it right.

Kate heads to brunch with Madison to hear her apologize for sleeping with Kevin. Madison begs her to confide in her about what else is wrong. In response, Madison says she slept with Kevin because he knows her more authentically than other guys. She says Toby should be able to tell Kate his deepest fears without punishment. Kate realizes she has a point. Kate then forgives Madison and later makes amends with Toby.

She asks to see the garage again. Kate is grateful and the two embrace. A few scenes later, Kate sits down at a keyboard and begins to play while baby Jack plays, too. On report card day, Randall is bummed over an A. He insists on speaking to the teacher about it.

For Randall to blow off steam, Jack takes him to the track and challenges him to a race, saying running will help ease his stress. In the present, Beth is proud of Randall for planning on going to therapy but he apathetically downplays it. Before he leaves, Beth mentions getting Annie an iPhone for her birthday. Randall rejects the idea. His wife is worried another such incident is coming. He wants coping mechanisms.

Before they go further, the therapist admits she knows Randall — i. He seems irked but moves on, referencing a point from his speeches about how his life was shaped by two fathers: the one he lost and the one he gained. But then he gets worked up over the therapist knowing him.

When he calms down, the therapist asks more questions. After they discuss his relationship with his fathers and siblings, the therapist asks about his mother. He tries to change the subject, and between his therapist pressing him on it anyway, and the constant sizzle noise of dripping coffee hitting the hot bottom of the coffee maker, he gets more annoyed.

He criticizes Miguel for missing illness signs and Kevin for not being reliable. He tells the therapist that therapy is pointless.Forgot your password? Don't have an account? Sign up today. Never created a password? Create one here.

Rebecca Pearson This Is Us - Temporada 4: Episódio 15 - \

Already have an account? Log in here. Thanks, but no thanks. No, thanks I'm already a PureWow fan. No, thanks I hate pretty things. Randall Sterling K. Ultimately, with a little help from Beth Susan Kelechi Watsonhe realizes that therapy might take some getting used to and he really needs to give it another shot.

Meanwhile, Toby tries to prove to Kate that he can be present with her and baby Jack by refurbishing their garage as a music studio. Afterward, Kate tells Toby it was just a fling…but was it? Speaking of Kevin, he spends the episode bonding with Rebecca.

Watch the episode 16 teaser and see what we mean. In season four, episode ninewe learned that Kevin and Randall would have a blow-out fight that would lead to them not speaking. Instead, they start fighting because of classic sibling rivalry. Historically, Randall has been the favorite son who Rebecca can count on and Kevin has been the fun one who gives her a run for her money.

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I am not currently subscribed to PureWow. I am already subscribed to PureWow. Please log in to your account. Like What You See? Please accept the terms and privacy statement by checking the box below. Sign up for PureWow Recipes. A valid email address is required.Would you look at this? In just one episode, both Pearson brothers toss out some real truths about how they see themselves in the context of their family.

It is illuminating. You knew his stint in therapy was going to bring up some uncomfortable truths, but man did that go down quickly.

Everything is bothering him. I guess this is supposed to ratchet up the tension? I had very little time for this choice. But we know better. After his outburst pre-Thanksgiving about how he acted more like the parent, all I wanted to do was pop some popcorn and enjoy the show as his therapist prodded into this relationship more. It only took her one session to get to the heart of Randall Pearson!

He tells her all about how Rebecca is getting MRI results that day and when he learns Kevin is the one taking her — in the middle of the therapy session, no less — he gets all huffy about being the only one his mother can really depend on. This is in no way helpful to him.

When he explains that to Beth, she is disappointed but not surprised. She needs him to get help so that she can get her person back. And so Randall decides to go back to therapy. I guess this dude is supposed to be a good actor, but within seconds Rebecca can tell he knows. Try harder, Kevin.

She wants to enjoy the time she has. And that includes a day of visiting old record stores, which turns into an exclusive mother-son outing. Kevin suggests they right that wrong immediately. She is giddy. But yes, sure, also emotional. She wants to stay here, in this day, with him as long as she can. They can go get her MRI results another day.

Plus, they can go eat blowfish another day. In fact, she tells her son that what she needs from him is the fun that he always brings. Kate eventually comes around to forgiving her husband thanks to some wise words from Madison, yes that Madison, who reminds her that Toby should be allowed to express his worst fears to his own wife. They are stronger together, she tells him.

It is time. We see Baby Jack growing up and using that studio as he becomes a musician, so we know at least one of his parents lives in that house for awhile. No wonder the Pearsons have problems. Milo Ventimilgia is just standing there in his sweater vest and white sneakers, begging to be utilized more.This Is Us Season 4 Episode 15 can possibly be the most emotional episode of this season.

After completing the individual trilogy episodes dedicated to its big three, the show is back on its regular routine. In the previous episode, the fans saw the three triplets visiting the old cabin where they try to find the box they hid when they were kids. As the show is moving towards its season finale, the excitement of the fans is getting higher.

In the latest promo, the fans can see Randall addressing his concerns and go to treatment.

This Is Us Season 4 Episode 15: An Emotional Rollercoaster, Promo and Release Date

He could be entering a new phase in the next episode and try to cure his anxiety issues. For that, he would end up beginning therapy and try his best to improve himself. And maybe, during this treatment, his problems with Kevin may develop and help the fans to navigate the history between the two brothers.

Toby makes a grand gesture. The Big Three get their report cards. Meanwhile, things are about to get interesting for Kate and Toby. The fourth season of this show continues to follow the stories of the Pearson family across specific time periods. In Maythe series got a three-season renewal. The current season premiered on 24 September and will consist of a total of 18 episodes.

We Finally Know What Causes the Kevin & Randall Rift on ‘This Is Us’ and It’s Not What We Expected

The show won and got nominations for numerous awards. This critically acclaimed show continues to deliver promising events. When Will It Release? The fans should make their tissues ready because next week, they are about to see an episode full of emotional drama. Share This. February 19, am.It made for an effective, emotional hour of television, especially juxtaposed with Randall's therapy session. This Is Us is, at its heart, a story of several successive generations of a family told simultaneously.

'This Is Us' Season 4 finale reveals pregnancy and marriage shockers

The multi-timeline format has contributed to the poignancy of Rebecca's Alzheimer's diagnosis because viewers are treated all at once to both her youthful escapades and her desire to hold onto her memories as her mental faculties begin to fail. The three parallel journeys Rebecca took during the hour drove that point home even more so than other episodes of the series. Kevin: You still got it. Rebecca: An otherwise simple morning would have been forgotten if it weren't for that song.

Kevin: Are you scared? Rebecca: A little, but why am I talking about that now? I'm here with you. You always make everything fun. This particular story also gave us a glimpse into Rebecca's relationship with Kevin, something which is sometimes neglected in favor of her relationship with Randall.

Kevin's journey from the disruptive child who manipulated his way into a trip to the baseball card store to stepping up to take care of his ailing mother was fantastic.

Thank goodness Randall let it slip that Rebecca was having cognitive issues because otherwise Rebecca would have been cheated out of spending the time she needed to spend with Kevin to try to keep her mind off her appointment. Contrary to what everyone expected, Kevin didn't fall apart when he learned about Rebecca's diagnosis.

this is us season 4 episode 15

He stepped up and gave her the kind of gift only he could give her. And in return, Rebecca gave Kevin some rare and much-needed encouragement. While his role in the family might have been as the "problem child," Rebecca loved him for his free-spirited, so-called disruptive nature.

He needed to hear that as much as she needed to hear that he'd be there for her throughout her illness. People with Alzheimer's and similar disorders often have clearer memories of the past than the present, so it was unsurprising that Rebecca became nostalgic about the Joni Mitchell albums, and Kevin's offer to take her to that house was a sweet gesture. I'm good. It's funny, all this bad news has kind of freed me up.

Carpe diem and all that. One thing that surprised me was that going into a record store didn't make anyone think about Kate and Marc. This wasn't Kate's story, but still. She met Marc in that record store, and as soon as Rebecca mentioned records, that's where my mind went. Anyway, Kevin's stepping up to be there for Rebecca provided a compelling contrast with his childhood adventure with her. Pre-teen Kevin might have said Sophie's mom was more fun, but he relished the opportunity to spend time alone with Rebecca more than he let on.

The two of them had a great time searching for that baseball card just like they had a great time checking out Joni Mitchell's old house. Therapist: So what brings you here today? Randall:It's kind of a long story. You got an hour? Kevin and Rebecca's lighthearted pre-diagnosis outing stood in stark contrast to Randall's therapy session. The therapy scenes were extraordinarily well done and realistic. Even going to a therapist's office at all is a huge step for someone like Randall who, as he said, has control issues.

Randall has completely bought into the idea that he is the only one who can hold this family together, and he probably won't be too happy to learn that Kevin did just fine at taking care of Rebecca.

Randall: I have anxiety.

this is us season 4 episode 15

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this is us season 4 episode 15

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